Woman in white tank top and jeans eating salad and smiling in home kitchen.


Firstly, THANK YOU for taking the time to visit the Vegan Diaries website, and secondly WELCOME.

My name’s Liz, and I create everything here at Vegan Diaries. I went vegan in August 2019 and it sparked a love of cooking. I started sharing what I was eating on Instagram to prove a point to my friends that being vegan wasn’t so weird, I wasn’t deprived and the food could actually be DELICIOUS. About one month in, I decided to set up a dedicated Instagram account and the rest is history! Now I make weekly easy recipes that fit into a busy lifestyle, chat all things plant based on the Vegan Diaries podcast and help other content creators BLOW UP on social media.

When I’m not cooking or recording podcast episodes, I’m reading or watching Netflix on the couch with my husband, Steve and our exotic shorthair cat, Sooki. I maintain a love-hate relationship with running, and I’m a bit of a self-help addict. I’m always doing personality tests (I’m an INFJ, Enneagram 4 and a Pisces) or bingeing on female entrepreneur podcasts. My TV go-tos are 90s sitcom re-runs and hot mess reality tv (aka Real Housewives). I’m multi-passionate and always have some sort of project on the go, I truly can’t sit still for long and after a couple of coffees I speak at 1.5 x speed. Sometimes I think I have a *touch* of ADHD (my Mum says it’s a gift haha).

I hope this can be a useful source of info and inspo for you to dabble more in vegan living.  EVERYBODY IS WELCOME in the Vegan Diaries bubble regardless of whether you’re fully vegan, plant based, flexitarian or just looking to mix up your weekly meals with some planty recipes. If you’d like to reach out the best place to catch me is on email [email protected] or over in my DMs on IG @vegandiaries___.


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